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When you need to capture a moment in time with pictures, trust your memories to Jamels Photography. If nothing short of perfection and your complete satisfaction will do, then don't just consider us, call us - we'll deliver a product that will make you smile.

Sports Photography

Line 'em up, make 'em smile and capture the pride of being on that team! I love the idea that these little guys (and girls) will someday look back at themselves in a photo that I took...their baseball memories re-lived by looking at that one photo. Whether it is team or individual photos, year after year, I enjoy watching them pose in their uniforms for many sports and shooting those awesome young smiles. A percentage of sales is always given to your team!

Portrait Photography

I believe that the trick to portrait photography is not always lighting, or background or experience...it is in the subject's comfort level. Most people do not enjoy having their photo taken. It makes them uncomfortable. My photo sessions are fun! My customers are laughing during the session and walk away smiling. My array of services include but are not limited to: family portraits, senior portraits, modeling portfolios, engagement photos and pet portraits.

Event Photography

I am available to photograph golf tournament foursomes, 5K & 10K race teams, triathalons, and other fundraising events. Capture your event for your participants while raising money for your organization. A percentage of sales is yours!


About Us

My interest in photography began in high school after taking my first course in photography. Of course that was a couple of years ago so we were still in the dark room!

I took a few more community college courses while experimenting with several cameras for fun. I switched to Canons after leaving my Nikon on the hood of my car then running it over!

A career change into private investigating had me using video cameras as well as still photography. It also piqued my interest in candid photography. I grew tired of hiding behind trees so I moved on to newspaper photography.

I began working for a newspaper group on Cape Cod which enabled me to continue with my love of candid photography but also required some expertise in portrait photography as well as photos for advertising.

My newspaper career was fun and included experiences like flying with the Coast GuardÖ.sitting between the pilots on take off. I went to the top of the Cape Cod railroad bridge and climbed one of the towers, stopping short of its 271 foot high peak. I jumped from one coast guard boat to another in six foot seas while taking photos of their crew sliding down ropes from a helicopter.

While working at the newspaper I often photographed kidsí sports. It became my favorite thing to shoot. It didnít matter if they were playing or if they were just sitting on the bench, I just loved catching their expressions.

Currently I focus on sports photography (team and individual), high school photos, fundraising golf tournaments and family portraits. I pride myself on making my subject feel comfortable and having some fun!!!

Ellen Muckstadt

Sole Proprietor


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Latest News

Jamels Photography is honored and proud to be the sponser of the brand new scoreboard at the Brookline Town Field for the Cal Ripken Hollis/Brookline youth baseball league.


I just have to tell you how awesome the pics came out! I have been with the cavs for 6 yrs, and these are by far the best pics ... other pee wee parents agreed! And I love the photo button/magnets!

Trish Kelly, Secretary

Southern NH Cavaliers